IMG_7781.jpgChildren’ Art Space, LIPA Primary 2018


IMG_8291The Liverpool Oratory Garden Autumn 2018


IMG_1242LIPA Garden


IMG_1323LIPA Garden


IMG_4185LightNight Liverpool 2018


IMG_4172The Eden Project, LightNight Liverpool 2018


IMG_7201LightNight Liverpool 2018



IMG_4154LightNight Liverpool 2018


IMG_4092LightNight, The Liverpool Oratory, 2018


IMG_7046 2Revolutionary Nature, The Liverpool Oratory, 2018


IMG_6252 Time Tunnel, The Tapestry Gallery Liverpool 2018


Social Icon LightNightLiverpool_RGB_3Revolutionary Nature, The Liverpool Oratory, LightNight 2018


IMG_0368The Liverpool Oratory, 2018


IMG_5720The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts Primary, 2018


IMG_1276St James Gardens, Liverpool, 2017


IMG_1286The Liverpool Oratory, 2017


FlorenceAugust17 011Florence Mine Art Centre, Cumbria, 2017


FlorenceAugust17 008Florence Mine Arts Centre, Cumbria 2017


IMG_1007Florence Mine Arts Centre, Cumbria 2017


img_1816Langdale Valley, Cumbria 2017


environmnets rootsMerz Barn, Cumbria, 2016


IMG_2030Merz Barn Cumbria, 2016


Mill drawing 2Islington Mill, Salford 2016


IMG_2026Merz Barn Cumbria, 2016