Revolutionary Nature


Revolutionary Nature, Under the Grit the Garden  

The Liverpool Oratory and The Fabric District May 2018

We are creating a wildflower garden in the Iconic Liverpool Oratory grounds.

You are invited to celebrate the transformation during a drawing event with Jayne Seddon, Artist in Residence at The LIPA Primary School, John Hyatt, director of Art Labs Research at LJMU; and the LIPA children. 

Revolutionary Nature is a major three year public art project in collaboration with Artist Jayne Seddon, and The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts school children; ART Labs Research Centre and The Centre for Education Research at LJMU; National Museums Liverpool; Friends of St. James’s Gardens; and the Eden Project.

A wildflower garden is being created in The Oratory grounds next to the Anglican Cathedral. The children are drawing the garden and its growth as they create it, while learning about the cyclical time of natural systems, biodiversity and ecology. Referenced back to Guy Debord’s Society of the Spectacle. ‘Under the Grit the Garden’ is an adaption of the famous 1968 Situationist slogan, ‘Under the Cobblestones the Beach.’

The process of documenting this transformation via drawing, with a focus upon thinking and learning through drawing, resonates with many thoughts around pedagogy and sustainability in education, with a focus upon connecting children with the natural world and the use of fine motor skills in their development and growth.

Revolutionary Nature will be a collaborative drawing event for LightNight 2018. We will celebrate the children’s observational studies, made over spring, with a workshop and a show of drawings and artwork installed in The Oratory grounds. The children and their families will work with lead artist, Jayne Seddon, to create new site responsive drawings. Join us to look at the artwork, and make a drawing, if you wish.


Moving Marks

This six week residency took place alongside an exhibition, which explored transient mark making in the natural environment. Working collaboratively with artist Cath Hawkins, we explored mark making site responsively within the Neo Gallery space. We made improvised movement drawings upon the surfaces of the gallery. This method is now being developed as a drawing project in public spaces and as a means of exploring sites which are available for artists residencies in the North West.