The founders of FAWN include three friends – a teacher, an artist and a health visitor. They all feel passionately about promoting the value of the green space in their town.

‘We work with the local community and a range of partnership agencies. We’ve started to create records with the support of The Greater Manchester Local Record Centre, and the From Grey To Green Project. They include an abundance of species, many of which are on the Biodiversity Action Plan priority Species list.

Fawn recognises the symbiotic relationship between ecology and the quality of life for the community. Our aim is to celebrate and conserve the rich biodiversity of our Meadows. By identifying, recording, protecting and enjoying the biodiversity, we aim to ensure that the wealth of benefits to the health and wellbeing of the community are valued.’

FAWN deliver regular events, walks, and workshops, working in partnership with the Greater Manchester Local Record Centre. The first of which, in August 2013, was led by two ecologists, artist Jayne Seddon, and a community engagement officer.

‘We had a wonderful day exploring the meadows. We recorded 187 species, and the children enjoyed working on large-scale drawings together.’ Jayne Seddon.